Your story is how you share who you are with the world.

Read on to hear my story and how I became trusted to share the precious stories and dreams of others’.    

My work is to combine words and images to communicate beautifully.

I love supporting you to mine your story for gold. I see how the hard-won lessons that built your character are now fuel for helping others. This alchemy of meaning and message is what I bring to my work in art, design, writing and branding.
But before we dive into how I can help you share YOUR story, I want to offer mine. After all, I can’t expect you to trust me with the details of your journey without offering the same.

Let’s rewind to the beginning.

I have always been creative, expressive, and intuitive. As a child I was always making things and as a teenager, I found myself at home with other sensitive souls who also wrote poetry to express their feelings. Writing and creating have always nourished me. To this day, I can’t stop from trying to make everything around me beautiful. 

Education strengthened my skills and reinforced what I love.

When I started university, I was as an English major. Writing essays on other peoples’ creative work wasn’t fulfilling so I carved a new path. I co-majored in Visual Art and English and found that Interdisciplinary work gave me the creativity and flexibility I longed for.
The connection between writing and art became my working edge. In graduate school, I dove deeper into the physicality of language. I studied art and language as emotional and sensate experiences. I went on to speak about and publish my research and exhibit around the world.

Life is the big canvas, create with intention my motto.

I planned to teach university but declined a position for an industry job. My experience as a Design & Communications Manager, showed me that business was creative. I wanted to understand how artists could make positive change and make a living. I realized that life was the big canvas and business could help me design it.

I learned to chart my path by listening to the intuitive nudges that propelled me forward. Doors opened by being in the right place at the right time, finding kindred spirits and, of course, hard work. The more I followed my intuition, the further I seemed to get from the life I’d planned for myself. As I chose what felt right over how things were ‘supposed’ to look, amazing things unfolded.

Life can change in an instant (mine did).

I saw my husband in a meditation before we met. I recognized his red beard, bright eyes and warm heart. Our lives intertwined and a shared life and business path began. After a series of synchronicities, we moved to a small city and took over a yoga studio. At each step, I built courage to befriend the unknown and trust in my ability to figure it out as I went. I don’t believe that life is meant to be a straight line. 

Business was a crash course in leadership.

Besides managing brands, I also developed them. My husband and I transformed the studio into a yoga lifestyle and training centre. We renovated two heritage buildings, our home and storefront. Those projects made me cry out of overwhelm and then beam with pride.
At the same time, I created the City of Camrose Arts and Culture Master Plan. I loved using strategy to unite and support creative community. Seven years as a business owner taught me what it means to be a community leader, build something and be of service. Supporting leaders through overwhelm as they navigate rebrands and campaigns comes naturally to me, because I have been there. I know what is at stake when your dreams are on the line and your marketing just needs to pay off this time.
Some of the things I accomplished during those years are:
· Without capital, my husband and I bought a yoga business and grew it into a thriving yoga lifestyle centre. We had a training centre, gallery and event space with a team of 25 and two restaurants with a sauce facility. We increased revenue consistently for six years before selling for a profit. 
· I created a Master Plan for a city of 18,000+ to guide their cultural vision for the next decade and beyond.
· I attracted over 500 attendees to my first online summit.
· I reached over 30,000 people with only a small email list and social media presence.
· I paid for the development of my first online program with full funding through a grant.
· I generated over $50,000 in award money through my art and writing.
· I taught hundreds of students yoga and meditation over thousands of hours.
I share this not to be boastful, but to say that this all happened with words, creativity, intuition, and determination. That’s how I know that you have what it takes to create the dreams in your heart too.

Brand school was born.

Our business was a labour of deep love, but it also came with costs and hard-won lessons. I knew that my own learning could save other entrepreneurs so much time and saved revenue! I took what I learned and put it into Intentional Brand School. I love teaching creators how to use branding to find success with greater ease. 

Loss changed me.

I was building a life in a new city, reworking my career in an exciting way, and enjoying pregnancy. Everything came crashing down one cold February morning. I sipped herbal tea and prepared my daughter for preschool with no idea that day might be my last.
I have been changed by the stillbirth of my second daughter. Surviving a severe hemorrhage and near death paled in comparison to loss. My dance with grief has been intense, transformative, and humbling.

Grief raged a fire through my soul and burnt down everything unnecessary.

I looked around the barren landscape of my heart and, to my surprise, saw that it was ripe with new life.

The black charred soil is sprouting the most unlikely dreams.

Loss made me dig deeper for what brought meaning. Through this process, I learned to integrate more of my whole self back into my work. I found a deeper understanding of creative alchemy. Today, my clients appreciate the deep listening I bring and the empathy that allows me to understand the depth of their experience and commitment to their calling. I am also hired by organizations that require thoughtful communication on tender subjects ranging from violence prevention to grief and loss. I am committed to sharing stories that matter and creating positive change.

I love that the brand process can help you express who you have become through life’s journey and the difference that you want to make.

Find success on your own terms.

There is no one size approach to success. I believe that your longings are a map to achieving your heart felt desires. I want to help you achieve your dreams by sharing the fullness of who you are. Let’s get you to your most desired victories with greater ease. That’s what this website and authentic branding is all about.

Still curious?

Here’s a talk where I share the background on my career and the reasons I am passionate about doing the work I do.

My Credentials


  • MFA , Visual Art, Specializing in Mixed Media 
  • Royal College of Art, London UK placement 
  • BA, Visual Art & English Language & Literature


  • NYIAD, Feng Shui Practitioner
  • Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Mate
  • Conscious Communication, Level 2 Teacher Training
  • Life Cycles, Level 2 Teacher Training 
  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga for At Risk Youth Teacher
  • Yin Yoga Teacher


I have exhibited artwork internationally including, St. Catharines (Rodman Hall), Oregon, Calgary, Toronto, Germany, Nova Scotia, Iceland, Switzerland, Berlin and Japan. 

Places my work has been featured: