Share the beauty of who you are and watch yourself flourish.

There is no one in the world who can do what you do, the way you do it. 
I’m Lisa, creator, wordsmith, brand strategist, and identity awakener. Let’s share your magnificence through creative expression, connection and a different kind of branding that’s just right for you.

You have something needed and precious to share.

I once heard a teaching that changed my life. We each have a calling to offer the world, and if we choose not to give it, it’s lost for all time. The gifts you have are needed and deserve to be shared. 

A calling is a gift of fulfillment and nourishment for you and others. But, it’s devastating on every level when your gifts aren’t valued or seen. If people aren’t responding to your emails, buying from you or filling up your calendar, it has nothing to do with who you are or your worth. Your success depends on learning to share who you are and what you do effectively.

Your brand is how you communicate your unique value to the world. To make a positive impact and thrive, identity development (branding) communications planning are essential. 

Making the world more beautiful one project at a time…

My unique magic is to combine strategy, words, and visuals to express who you are.
I easily see potential in people, projects and organizations and can chart the path to achieving your vision. It all starts with truly seeing you. The tools I use are words, visuals, deep listening and sharp strategy. My unique experience as an award-winning artist and writer, mindfulness teacher, business owner, and twelve years as a brand strategist make me a powerful ally to your dreams.

Do you want deep client connections and increased sales because your design is amazing and clients just get you?

Whether you are an organization or a solopreneur, you need to be able to communicate who you are and your value to achieve success. It’s essential to learn the right strategy for branding because it’s so much deeper than making things look ‘pretty.’

When you get your brand right:

  • Clients will be excited to work with you.
  • People will know that you’re the right fit before you even speak a word.
  • You’ll stop questioning if you should just give up and go back to your day job.
  • You’ll finally know that your work truly matters and that it supports you too. 

Are you ready to make the impact and income you are meant to?

It’s your unique parts that make the whole complete.

The way you do what you do sets you apart. Your brand magic needs to communicate wholistically, not compartmentalize you into a role you fill or use gimmicks to attract attention. 

What you’ll find here is an integrated approach to identity. There are two streams to my work:

The first is to support you to know and share your magnificence. This process is ‘branding’ and it’s also the work of sharing your essence and identity with the world so that your gifts reach those who need them most (and you can get paid doing what you love). 

The second is to share my own creative expression as an artist and teacher.


A little client love:

Thank you for all your support, guidance and love through this process. I am so grateful for your heart, wisdom, beauty and grace. You are a beacon of light. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents. Thank you for shining and living your dharma, and encouraging others, and me to do the same.

Francine Kelley

Life Coach, It's Time to Blossom

Lisa consciously taps into the vibration of what YOU want to create…, she holds a safe space to explore the BIGNESS of your vision. Look, Feel, Vibe, Flow … everything. We brainstorm, we collaborate, we meditate on it. The best part is that she taps into YOUR truth and what YOU are meant to move into (rather then “should”). Working with her has helped immensely … my vision is coming together divinely.

Sandy Amrita

Juice Plus Canada

Share who you are and see your business transform.

Your heartfelt desires are a map, guiding your forward. The next step is to build in the support to ensure that you reach your goals. Confidence comes from having the right information and the right strategy in place. Let’s make the right plan for you. I offer free 30 minute strategy sessions to help you chart your next steps.

Stop turning down the volume on your truth

Own your gifts and confidently share your message

Overcome fears of promotion & selling

Find confidence in your self-expression

Stop being the best kept secret around