Let’s work together.

Create your vision with strategy and beauty.

The path of the leader, the creative, the changemaker is seldom easy. It is often met with resistance, with breaking new ground, and coming up against old paradigms as the new unfolds. However, anyone who has done something meaningful and creative has met these challenges.

I approach each project I undertake from a wholistic design perspective. I consider factors seen and unseen, work for transparency and collaboration, and believe that the outcome should both look and feel good. I help others see the ‘big picture’ amidst the chaos and stay committed to the vision they are creating.

Having worked with arts & culture organizations, municipalities and entrepreneurs and creators for over ten years, I understand that our unique perspectives make us who we are, and that having a shared vision is critical to the health of an organization and community. Without clear vision, wheels will spin, ground will be lost and no traction can be made. The health of an organization depends on trust, transparency and connection.

I believe that each of us has a unique perspective that can uplift our world, that each of us can help make our communities shine brighter and that a clear vision can inspire others to take positive action. That’s the picture I want to help you paint.

I help creatives, changemakers and communities find creative clarity, strategic guidance, and a collaborative approach to realize their vision (beautifully).