Feng Shui offers us the potential to deepen our awareness of our environment and to create harmony with what we own and inhabit each day. It is a practice of consciousness and about cultivating a relationship with ourselves as well as what is around us. If you are new to Feng Shui, here are a few basics that you can start immediately to get positive energy or chi flowing.

1. Clear the clutter. This will immediately improve energy flow through your space. Be sure to remove it from your house, not just store it.

2. Fix anything broken. Broken items, especially those pertaining to water drain positive energy.

3. Have good lighting. Lighting is one of the best, simplest ways to get good energy flowing in any room.

4. Create space around furniture. Think of energy flow in space as water, give it room to move.

5. Use the Power Position (especially with bed, stove, desk). This means seeing the door with your back to a wall.