Dr. Tony Rice is an Educational Consultant with a mission to help teachers close the achievement gap and positively impact every student. Working with Tony was such a joy.

We undertook this project with the goal of launching his brand alongside the publication of his book ‘Closing the Acheivement Gap, a Guide for Teachers.’ Informing Tony’s book and brand were his 36 + years of teaching, being a principal, and completing his PhD while working full-time.

What is immediately apparent about Tony is his humility and passion for his work. We found that strategy was important to us both and were able to quickly work together to create the brand concept. Tony proposed the idea of the water ripple as a logo concept, as a way of illustrating how one small action can create a much larger effect. Tony calls this the 1% principle and teaches about this approach. 

We also created a wordpress website, social media concept and print resources to launch Tony’s new book and services into the world.


Brand Identity, Website Design & Build, Copy Editing, Social Media Concept, Print Materials, Social Media Banners & Stationary Suite