Blossom into a ‘Brand’

Blossom into a ‘Brand’

The word brand kind of bugs me. It has become a catch all for the essence of you, your voice, your aesthetic and your shared gifts. When I hear all of this summarized by the word brand it feels pretty blah.

So let’s throw the word away and focus on the much bigger concepts I just mentioned. Those concepts feel juicy, exciting and expansive!

When I sit down with clients to start our first brainstorming session this is where we start and there is one question that I always include:

What three words describe the impact you want to have?

These words should feel impactful, authentic and you.

Sometimes we start with a list of ten words and then whittle it down to what feel like the top three. You have to go with your gut and choose the words that evoke enthusiasm and excitement. If you’re struggling to choose, you should try describing them all out loud to a friend. When you hit on what’s true for you your voice will sound more certain.

A few examples of how this might sound are:

inspired, uplifted, joyful

energized, clear, confident

peaceful, certain, still

The three words that you distill your essence into can be your filter from now on. These words are like your northern star and will inform your aesthetic and your message. Make sure that from now on anything you put out in the world communicates the feel of these words and your ‘brand’ will start to blossom.