5 Ways to Be a Transformative Leader

5 Ways to Be a Transformative Leader

In a recent blog post on inspiration, I discussed the role that mentors can have on feeling inspired. As a creative person, it is also very likely that you will find yourself in the role of mentor too. In the words of established artist Gregory Amenoff “artists drive the bus.” It is the role of the creative person to think outside the box, to discover new possibilities and to take roads not commonly walked. As such, you are likely going to find yourself in the role of leader and mentor to many who admire the way you conduct yourself in the world and for those who are also looking to feel more inspired.

In a paper called “Changing Roles: Leadership in the 21st Century,” Gregory Dress and Joseph Picken address ways that leaders can shift their focus to a global perspective by recognizing their companies diverse resources (Why Inspiration Matters, Scott Barry Kauffman). Knowing these five strategies can enable you to make the largest impact as a transformative leader.

Dress and Picken recommend implementing the following habits:

1. Use strategic vision to motivate others.

Be sure you know your “why.” If there is a big goal that you are working to achieve, a change you’d like to see in the world, or a huge mission you are on be sure your team and community knows it. This will help others show up collaboratively, give them a greater sense if meaning while carrying out tasks that may otherwise become mundane.

2. Empower people at all levels.

Don’t overlook your most introductory positions by forgetting the skills they may have beyond what their role requires. Sometimes people require an invitation from a senior staff person to feel comfortable sharing their insights and creativity which can be invaluable.

3. Accumulate and share internal knowledge.

Encourage your team and staff to communicate with you and one another about challenges and learning opportunities that arise in daily activities. Having structured time to do this means it won’t get overlooked.

4. Gather and integrate external knowledge.

Research empowers us to learn without so many bumps and bruises. Stay connected to what is happening in your field and discover where you can build on it. A collaborative attitude is essential to making great change. Bringing in other experts can strengthen your community and give credibility to your position as well.

5. Challenge the status quo and enable creativity.

It can be easy to forget the possibilities that are open to us if we are stuck in the daily grind. Working habitually can take over and we can forget to see how many positives we have going for us. Get in the habit of exploring multiple solutions for any problem that presents and encouraging your team to do the same. Their is no one size fits all solution, instead explore the idea that there are multiple solutions to choose from and start from there.

Which one of these strategies can you implement today with your business, team or community?