A call for miracles.

Project Instructions: Have you ever experienced a miracle (we’ll think about them as being acts of wonder) or what about a memorable coincidence? Send your story to lisa@lisaborin.com. Your submission will become part of a larger collaborative project coming.

An update: People have so many amazing and miraculous stories to share. A few of the incredible submissions are below. If you are reading this, please feel welcome to submit your story. One day, it might make a beautiful book.

My mom always wanted to have a girl. she grew up on a farm and had to do all the woman’s work and always wanted a little sister to play with which never worked out. Instead she had five younger brothers. After having two boys, she was pregnant with me and went to the hospital wearing white socks with pink stripes for good luck, not knowing what the child is going to be. I was born and I am a girl. She had an operation after that so she couldn’t have kids anymore. The first few years of my life I was very spoiled, until… my sister was born. A happy miracle!!!

Its’ a miracle that sun and the moon shine and that the stars exist too and also that we can imagine these things in dreams and that we have dreams and sometimes we get to feel real love

Life is a miracle! Every day is a miracle that we can feel and smell and see and walk and breathe! I grew up in East Germany. I live the place and I love that life can change unexpectedly in a positive way. Watching the wall falling down and the people embracing each other is a beautiful miracle for me. I was too young to understand but when I watch historical footage on the TV or listen to people’s stories, I am getting emotional and think of how much this change of history has impacted my life! I am experiencing many things my parents weren’t able to experience such as travelling, living abroad, studying and creating art, even having and finding a voice… Life is never easy, but full of miracles, coincidences and love!

A week before my mother passed away I had the crazy feeling I just needed to be there with her. I would wake up every night visualizing our last conversation. My intuition lead me back home.

I dropped everything – middle of exams and final paper of my last year of university – and flew across the country. I feel thankful every day that I – without realizing it at the time – had committed to being there for the dying process. Allowing myself the time to say good bye and giving my mom the permission and support needed for that process to begin.