Collections & Collaboration | Wed. Jul. 27 11 am 2011 | Other Gallery, Glyde Hall The Banff Centre


Acknowledge some hopes and fears to yourself. With a pencil, mark one envelope with the word ‘hopes’ and the other ‘fears. Place seeds and sticks in your envelopes. Your hopes will be planted and fears burned. You are welcome to take hopes for sending to others or planting on your own. Fears will make good fertilizer.

Thanks to all 58 people who contributed hopes and 45 who contributed fears to project 108, 2.

A NOTE ON FEAR: Lake Minnewanka, Sept. 2011 | a cloudy evening, a good friend, and a lot of fear

I lived with the hopes and fears in my new apartment for a couple of months while I settled into a new job and new surroundings. I wanted to find a sense of calm before I burned the fears. After a weekend of solitude and reflecting on my own heart-felt desires and worries, I went to Lake Minnewanka, or ‘Lake of the Spirits,’ as someone later pointed out. A friend and I sat together under a cloudy late summer night sky. We watched as the envelopes marked ‘fears’ dissolved in flames. That night I dreamt that I was putting out fires. The hopes are in safekeeping for spring planting.