Conversation Café

“Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters,” Dau Voire.

A Conversation Café is a facilitated discussion on a set topic with community members. A series of guiding principles are used that ensure respectful speaking and listening unfolds in the group and all members are given an opportunity to speak. The facilitator poses questions addressed by small groups and then presented to the larger group if applicable. It is used as a brainstorming and problem solving strategy for creating community input. Conversation Café‘s are remarkable for bringing community members together despite differing views and ideas and are a powerful tool for creative community building. These images are from an event facilitated at the Camrose Public Library on the topic “What do art and culture mean to Camrose?”.

A Conversation Café‘s may be useful in the following settings:

  • Communities looking for public feedback on a specific topic
  • Businesses or groups wanting input from staff/members
  • Schools or organizations wanting to facilitate creative thinking and discussion
  • Community building in any setting

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