Conversations worth sharing.

Have you ever had a conversation that uplifted and inspired you to show up more fully, to find more clarity and courage and to make a positive impact? Those are the types of conversations you can expect to find here. 

Being a creator takes courage, creativity and skills. This podcast is all about real and authentic conversations with creators who are finding success on their own terms. There is no one fits all approach. Listen in as I explore how creators and changemakers are navigating their journeys and the best tips to thrive in life, practice and business along the way.


Leonie Dawson is an internationally best-selling author of the 2022 Goal Getter workbooks & planners which have been used by over 450,000 people worldwide.

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, Leonie has generated over $12 million in revenue while only working 10 hours a week.

In this conversation Leonie and I discuss how she makes over 1 million dollars a year, working part-time, creating what she likes and having tons of fun along the way.

Listen in to hear Leonie cover:

  • Why she left social media and why it was a waste of time for her business
  • How to step into your creative dream business and work a day job
  • How to turn your client lifecycle into decades
  • Why you were born to enjoy yourself
  • How to use your intellectual property to start creating streams of income
  • Why it’s essential to leave yourself time to play.


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Lisa Borin Miller is an artist, entrepreneur and creator of the Intentional Creator Summit and Intentional Brand School.

Lisa has learned that being an artist gives you skills that naturally translate to entrepreneurship. Yet, so many creators struggle to see their value, understand why their creativity is so powerful and miss opportunities to thrive. After working with hundreds of creators, many brand clients and businesses, Lisa wants to share what she has learned that will help you. Listen in to hear:

  • What to do if you’re frozen with a lack of confidence
  • How to recognize your soul calling
  • What an intentional brand is
  • Why DIYing your brand can be a resource-sucking trap
  • The pitfalls of a superficial brand
  • The biggest pain point of creators that might surprise you
  • The one question to ask to avoid burn out
  • What to do if you don’t know what to offer or sell


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