Hello! I’m Lisa.

When I began my Master of Fine Art Degree, I had the goal of being a university instructor. When this opportunity presented after I completed graduate school, I realized that I wanted to wait to teach. I felt a longing to understand how artists could create transformation in the world and how they could make a living using their skills in industry settings before I made teaching my profession.

The last ten years have been filled with rich and diverse experiences of entrepreneurship that helped me answer these questions for myself, and laid the foundation for what I now teach based on my lived and learned experience.

Today I teach Intentional Brand School for creators, the brand and business course designed to help creators thrive.

I also offer brand and communications strategy for entrepreneurs and organizations as well as strategic planning.

My offerings range from consultations, to teaching workshops and courses, to longer ongoing projects. 

I am passionate about working with people and organizations that are making a positive difference in the world and using their life as a force for good.


My Approach

As an artist, I have often worked with found objects, transforming discarded things into beauty and new life. This process of transformation is what I bring to my life and work. 

Sometimes it can be difficult for people to see the potential in things, in themselves, their work or their community. I support my clients to mine their stories for gold. This is where the hard-won lessons and life experiences that built your character become the fuel for improving the lives of others, the spark of light and love in your brand that sets you apart, and the integrity that people can feel when you walk into a room. Creators are positive changemakers. When we nourish creative communities, this spark of transformation is even more impactful.

I use the term Wholistic Design to describe my approach. My Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Art focused on the physicality of language and communication in ‘visual’ art and communication. Good design and communication impact not just your eyes, but your whole being and can leave you feeling nourished with more to give. Design can be a process of transformation that can help you access and share your best self and to make the impact that you are truly meant to.

Get to know me

Wondering if I might be a good fit to support you? Here’s a talk where I share the background on my career and the reasons I am passionate about doing the work I do. I’m sure you’ll know if we’re a fit after listening!

My Credentials


  • MFA (2009) Visual Art, Specializing in Mixed Media 
  • Royal College of Art, London UK placement (2008)
  • BA (2007) Visual Art & English Language & Literature


  • Feng Shui Practitioner
  • Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Mate
  • Conscious Communication, Level 2 Teacher Training
  • Life Cycles, Level 2 Teacher Training 
  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga for At Risk Youth Teacher
  • Yin Yoga Teacher


  • 2011- current Lisa Borin Miller Design & Consulting
  • 2016-2020 Vice President, The City of Camrose Arts and Culture Council
  • 2013-2020 Sacred Arts Co-Founder 
  • 2015-6 The City of Camrose Arts and Culture Master Planner 
  • 2011-2 Communications & Creative Design Manager, Arctos & Bird Management, Banff
  • Curator & Collections/Project Manager, The Juniper Hotel, Banff
  • 2010-11 Program Coordinator, Literary Arts, Banff Centre
  • 2010 Instructor, Drawing II: Extended Studies, Alberta University of the Arts
  • 2009 Assistant Instructor: Art Fundamentals 2D, U of Calgary
  • 2008 Assistant Instructor: Applied Concepts in Art, U of Calgary


Since 2007, I have exhibited artwork in divserse cities including, St. Catharines (Rodman Hall), Oregon, Calgary, Toronto, Germany, Nova Scotia, Iceland, Switzerland, Berlin and Japan. 


I am grateful to have received awards and grants including:

  • City/Community Project Grants in Banff and Camrose
  • Untapped Emerging Artist Award The Artist Project Toronto
  • URGC Thesis Research Grant Centre for Research in Fine Art Research Grant
  • Alberta Graduate Student Scholarship
  • Elsie Mary Bell Scholars Endowment
  • Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship
  • Alberta Foundation for the Arts Master’s Scholarship International Research Grant: U of Calgary
  • Graduate Research Scholarship Graduate Studies Award, Harpweaver Award for Visual Arts

Organizations I have worked with:

Places I’ve been featured: