Intentional Brand School


Access the course designed specifically for artists and creators  to thrive!

Are you a creator who is longing to make a positive impact with your gifts? Do you feel like now is the time to start using your calling and doing more of what you love? Are you ready to stop doing what you have to do and do more of what you long to do? Are you ready to start making money with your creative calling?

If so, you are in the right place at the right time. This is a moment of opportunity to say yes to you and your calling!

This six week online program will help you:

  • Move past fears of failure, rejection and criticism
  • Build a network of nurturing peers and creative community
  • Discover new ways to thrive and apply your talents
  • Gain skills in banding, networking, business development and promotion
  • Learn about contracts, pricing and win/win agreements
  • Build leadership skills that will help you make a positive impact with your creativity
  • Understand your market and how to excite them about your worksheets
  • Charge what you want to be making and understand the value your clients want
  • Build your confidence to succeed in your vision

Each module includes:

  • Video lessons
  • Worksheets and templates
  • Downloadable slideshows
  • Access to group calls for question periods




Learn why running a creative business is not the same as running any business, and how to approach it in a way that works for you and will utilize the skills most natural to creative thinkers. Creators have qualities that most business owners dream of cultivating but struggle with. Understand why you probably undervalue these skills and how they are gold so that they can work for you!


Creators have the skills to create a great brand, and often a little skill and experience are what’s needed to get a great outcome. In this module, you’ll learn how to create or refine your brand. Understand the key components of branding, how to use them, resources to simplify your work and how your clients effect your brand. This module will help you stop second guessing aesthetic details and gain clarity of vision.


The majority of creators I have met started their journey undervaluing the critical role of money in their business. It is all too common for artists to side-step charging enough, asking for what they deserve and feeling that doing the work they love is enough without great compensation. We’ll explore ways of relating to money that will allow you to succeed so you can start honouring yourself and your time. Understand pricing structures, how to create streams of income and offer the value your clients are looking for. We’ll also look at your legal and contractual obligations and agreements and other critical health factors for your business.


At the heart of your business is what you sell. This is another common area that limiting thinking tends to pop-up. Using your creative prowess, you can create a business that is innovative, fun, and successful. We’ll look at why a sales funnel is important and how it can work for you and your clients. You will create an offer and sales funnel that you like to sell, effective and what people need.


The way you speak about your business happens through words and also images, both of which are informed but the tone of your brand. This week you’ll craft your messaging and website content. Get the worksheet you need to walk you through the entire process of website planning, from choosing a host to design elements and language to minimize overwhelm and maximize your results.


Get ready to launch and create an impact! In this section we’ll look at how to leverage your resources to create the change and impact you are longing to make. We’ll also looking at sales pitches in ways that feel authentic to you, how to find allies and collaborators and build your social networks. At the end of this module, you’ll feel more confident selling, networking and bringing your business into the world.


  • Mindset resources
  • Brand templates
  • Website templates

Plus, there will be so much more! The custom worksheets included represent years of custom client work that have been refined to give you the best results in the least amount of time. If you fall behind, you can always work through the content at your own pace with ongoing access to the course materials at no extra cost.

I am available during weekly group calls for Q & A periods as well.


The first time this course runs it will be FREE to City of Camrose residents, thanks to a generous contribution and partnership with the Camrose Arts Council. Please email me here to reserve your place.

Take a peek at some of the brands I have created:

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Who this is for:

Committed creators ready to take their calling to the next level, Creative entrepreneurs ready to inspire more growth and change, Artists ready to step into the spot-light and make the impact they are meant to, Black-sheep in their industry who know their is not one path to a goal, Fearless explorers who look inside to change the outside

A little bit of love...

Want to know more about me?

I have love sharing creative strategy and making things beautiful. I have worked with brands for the last ten years that range from corporate businesses like hotels, development firms, and medical clinics to dentist clinics, municipalities, small-businesses and many solopreneurs from start-ups to well-established.

Regardless of the scale of a business, the branding process is very consistent. Over the years, I have developed systems for understanding the values, vision and mission of a business, their unique selling features and client base and the communication and aesthetic resources needed to consistently help them shine.

Working with creative solopreneurs has been a particular joy. I witness the journey of courage that clients take in learning to hone in on their mission, their gifts, and their aesthetics to share their calling with the world. Witnessing the courage and joy my clients bring to their work is the reason I have continued to offer branding.

I am so excited to be launching this course, to take everything I have learned over the years, including many hard-won lessons in business and share them with you!

My hope is that this course helps your path be a little smoother and more seamless and that you can launch yourself with greater confidence, clarity and profit as a result.

I believe that running a creative business is a calling. I also believe that your business needs to work for YOU. My hope is this course helps you create the business that works for you and the life you want to live.

A little more about my professional cred for you:

I am an award winning artist and published writer, internationally exhibited and with experience teaching in prestigious post-secondary environments. I worked as a communications and design manager for a group of established businesses where I oversaw all brand output. This gave me a unique perspective about how to ensure brand clarity and consistency through clear strategies and systems that I’ll share with you. I love helping empowered entrepreneurs be a force for good, build the life of their dreams, manifest the abundance they deserve and look amazing while doing it! Making you look and feel great bring me tons of joy!


Looking for a fun way to get started today? Discover your brand style below!