Intentional Spaces


“Space is the breath of art.” Frank Lloyd Wright

Your space should reflect and accommodate the life you want to create, support you in creating the emotions you’d like to feel and the activities that you’d like to enjoy each day. My belief is that everyone has a right to experience a peaceful, beautiful space in their life and I work from a  wholistic design perspective. From the artwork and furniture you select to the more subtle details and accents in your environment, selecting your surroundings with intention can support you in living a life that not only looks great but feels amazing. I create or offer creative direction on intentional spaces from community spaces to multi-faith prayer rooms and yoga studios, below are some examples of how consciously created spaces can look and feel. 

Working with Seen & Unseen 

As a certified Feng Shui practitioner, harmony and the principles of nature are important influences in my approach to spatial design.

Feng Shui is an ancient system of creating harmony with your environment. Feng means wind and represents the unseen aspects of our lives that we rely on for sustenance like breath and energy. Shui means water and represents the elements of life like food and matter. Together, Feng and Shui represent all aspects of our lives and our human relationship to our environments. Feng Shui was developed by observing nature, its power and our human interaction with these forces. 

Exploring your relationship to the elements of nature in your home is a tool to support harmony in life. 

My approach to Feng Shui is to create your space with intention. I’ll offer tips and tools as well as mindful ways to make yourself feel at home in your environment, life and body. Feng Shui is a way of designing your space so that it supports the way you want to feel in your life. It is about achieving great design that works for you and a feeling of harmony with your environment. 

Wholistic Design

The body is a critical component of design. If the body and all of the senses are not considered in the design process, visual beauty may result, but a sense of harmony and nourishment will be lost. My research focuses on bringing a sense of wholeness to the creative process, where the mind and body are at ease, and the senses enlivened in an experience of space that goes beyond sight. The result is spaces that look and feel amazing, whether they are installations, art displays, commercial or personal spaces.


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