Feng Shui

Feng Shui : Wind & Water


Feng Shui is an ancient system of creating harmony with your environment. Feng means wind and represents the unseen aspects of our lives that we rely on for sustenance like breath and energy. Shui means water and represents the elements of life like food and matter. Together, Feng and Shui represent all aspects of our lives and our human relationship to our environments.

Feng Shui was developed by observing nature, its power and our human interaction with these forces. As practitioner Jon Sandifer says, “Feng Shui is the practice of being in the right space at the right time and doing the right thing.”

Your home in particular is a place where Feng Shui will greatly impact you as it is a reflection of you. Exploring your relationship to the elements of nature in your home is a tool to support harmony in life. By becoming aligned with your home or business environment you will be able to use energy flow to manifest with contentment and ease. 

My approach to Feng Shui is to create your space with intention. I’ll offer tips and tools as well as mindful ways to make yourself feel at home in your environment, life and body. Feng Shui is a way of designing your space so that it supports the way you want to feel in your life. It is about achieving great design that works for you and a feeling of harmony with your environment. Read below to lean more about how the process works.

The process for a Feng Shui Consultation is as follows:

1. Complete the Intake Questionnaire

2. Submit a hand-drawn floor plan of your home (or a layout if you have one). Mark any doors and windows on the plan.

3. An in-depth home assessment can happen in person or via Skype if you are at a distance. We will look at your property, home entrance and each area of your home to evaluate the flow of energy as it relates to movement in the physical space, floor plan, furniture arrangements, clutter, yin/yang and the nurturing/depleting cycles of nature.

4. We will use the Bagua map to assess which zones of your home/property need strengthening. This will be based on the home assessment but also your questionnaire and the responses of family members as well.

5. At the end of our consultation you will be provided with a list of immediate action items you can work towards to strengthen positive chi flow.

6. At the end of our session, we may choose to undertake a space clearing together or you will be given a space clearing exercise custom to your home that you can carry out.

7. Within a week of our consultation, you will receive a detailed list of suggested adjustments to your home or décor to strengthen your chi and ‘cures’ to support your goals. Any suggestions will be tailored to your aesthetic, budget and lifestyle goals. A small tweak can be just as powerful as an overhaul in many cases, so this is your preference. A 30 minute phone or Skype consultation will be scheduled with my recommendations to address any questions you may have.


If you’d like to dive a little deeper into Feng Shui, here’s my free Feng Shui Intro Guide to get you started.

About the Intro Guide:  Imagine having a home or business that can support you in cultivating the emotions you want to experience more of, the vision of your life that you most want to create, and to also have better function and flow in your space. That’s what you are going to learn! This guide will walk you through simple practices you can start today and give you a Bagua Map with recommended supports for each area of your home. Click the image below to access.




Ready to Book?

An introductory Feng Shui session starts at $400 as outlined above for a home under 2000 square feet total. 

Follow-up sessions are $180 and are 60 minutes in length plus an accompanying assessment of needed updates.

I also offer workshops on Feng Shui. Contact me for inquiries or booking here.