Client Feature: Francine Kelley

Francine Kelley is a talented yoga teacher and trainer as well as life coach and I was honoured to work on her brand. Francine brings embodied energy to her work. Being in her presence, you can’t help but feel her serenity and humility. She creates a truly safe container for students and clients to unearth the blocks that hold them back from a life of joy. At the same time, Francine is playful and allows space for humour and fun to naturally unfold.

When Francine and I first spoke about her ideas, she mentioned the beautiful peony blooms that she loves to admire in her hometown of Penticton BC. I immediately thought of how their process of opening is so similar to peeling back the layers of ourselves. Just as an ant crawls in and agitates the flower to open its petals, sometimes life hands us something that irks us into unfolding. A life coach can be a wonderful way to find support through this journey and Francine is an exceptional guide.

We chose a feminine, gentle and earthy theme with muted green and pink tones and white and grey anchoring accents. We decided to add illustration and watercolour to create playful touches. It was so fun to feature Francine and help her launch her new life coaching business!

Scroll on for a peek at what we created. Our project included: A Logo, Visual Identity, Website, Social Media Plan and Banners, Newsletter Integration, Stationary Suite and Photographic Direction.

Thank you for all your thoughtfulness, creativity and work. Thank you for helping me organize my thoughts and create my message. Seriously feeling so much gratitude for your love and support! The write ups you made in the social media plan and styling sheet have me in tears.

Francine Kelley

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