Have you ever felt defined or limited by life’s challenges? Or maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed and felt like you just had no space to do what you really wanted to.

Even if you use your skills, you might question if it really matters or if you’ll ever truly use your full potential. It might even feel like creativity is a luxury that you can’t afford.

Christine Francoeur is a coach, yoga and mindfulness teacher and writer who knows this struggle deeply. Christine is a breast cancer and still birth survivor, but that’s not how she defines her story. Christine knows that the truth of her story is how she used mindfulness to overcome false ideas about who she thought she was and how her life should look. The internal freedom Christine has found has also allowed her to reconnect with her creative self, reclaim the writer within, and go on to help heal others through her work as a coach, yoga and mindfulness teacher, and writer.

Watch now to own your most powerful story.

In this interview dive into:

  • Why personal tragedies are powerful opportunities to see who you truly are
  • How to tap back into the healing power of creativity
  • How vulnerability can be a superpower in your life
  • Three questions to ask to write a killer about page that shares your most authentic story
  • What’s really required to make an impact in the lives of others (it’s so much simpler than you think!)
  • How to know if you’re really on the right track in any area of your life

Plus, Christine shares a powerful story that about taking a leap of faith to listen to her inner wisdom that led to a deep prayer being answered.

This interview will help to open your heart, get unstuck and step into flow again.

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