An Arts and Culture Master Plan creates a cohesive vision and supporting strategy for arts and culture by uniting city goals with community goals.

Citizens, arts and culture providers, and city officials are consulted about what is working well in the arts and culture sector and what could be improved upon. The collected feedback is then analyzed and used to determine recommended actions and areas of focus for upcoming years.

My role as consultant & strategic planner for the City of Camrose Arts and Culture Master Plan involvesd working with community stakeholders, gathering local feedback through interviews and facilitated group conversations, analyzing research and compiling recommendations into a strategic plan.

Conversation Cafés/Facilitation

“Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters,” Dau Voire.

A Conversation Café is a facilitated discussion on a set topic with community members and stakeholders.

This is one of the ways I collect feedback from community groups, as with this project.

A series of guiding principles are used that ensure respectful speaking and listening. All attendees are given an opportunity to speak. The facilitator poses questions addressed by small groups and then responses are summarized and presented to the larger group, if applicable. These discussions facilitate brainstorming and problem solving in community. Conversation Café‘s are remarkable for bringing community members together despite differing views and ideas. They are a powerful tool for creative community building. These images are from an event facilitated at the Camrose Public Library on the topic “What do art and culture mean to Camrose?”.

A Conversation Café‘s may be useful in the following settings:

  • Communities looking for public feedback on a specific topic
  • Businesses or groups wanting input from staff/members
  • Schools or organizations wanting to facilitate creative thinking and discussion
  • Community building

Strategic Planning can give you a roadmap to a community that people want to live, work and create in.

Healthy communities are at the heart of healthy society and offer a place for people to rise to their potential.

If you are looking to support your community in creating positive change, there are several ways that I can help.

My role is to support your projects though:

  • Facilitation such as Conversation Café‘s or Planning Sessions
  • Strategic Plans such as Arts & Culture Plans
  • Community Art & Public Art Projects.


Consultation, Strategic Planning, Facilitation, Analysis, Presentation.