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Courageous Self Care Podcast Feature

I recently has the privilege of sitting down with my friend Christina Marlett of the Courageous Self Care Podcast to share a little about my story. If you’d like to learn a little more about how intuition can be your guide, tools you can use to support you daily and make tough decisions please listen in!

Listen in for insights on intuition, how to trust the signs and what it means to live creatively.


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  • Client Feature: Francine Kelley

    Francine Kelley is a talented yoga teacher and trainer as well as life coach and I was honoured to work on her brand. Francine brings embodied energy to her work. Being in her presence, you can’t help but feel her serenity and humility. She creates a truly safe container for students and clients to unearth the blocks that hold them back from a life of joy. Take a peek at what we created…

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