PROJECT 108, 6 (release, relent, remit)

PROJECT 108, 6 (release, relent, remit)

This gesture is all about letting go with a little bit of love.

On not-so-random acts of release:

One of the biggest roadblocks to creativity is rigid thinking. There are many ways that we can limit ourselves by holding onto our opinions, desire to be right, or past grievances. Unfortunately, hanging on makes it very hard to open up and let the creative juices flow. If you notice, like I did, that there are folks out there that you have some unresolved business with, or if you are wasting energy punishing yourself, do yourself and everyone else a favour: release, relent, remit! Do this any number of ways, but do it through your actions and do it soon!

‘How am I supposed to do that,’ you say?

My solution was not-so-random acts of release. Try a loving gesture for those who you don’t feel warm and fuzzy about (yet): send a token, write a loving letter (no strings attached, just the good stuff!), bring them lunch, or pay them a compliment to a mutual friend. The point isn’t necessarily that they know. The point is that you know you forgive them and that you move on.

Love, after all, is all about action. When you open your heart, you open your mind. Good things are sure to follow.
The details of this gesture are in safe keeping, but I can tell you that it works!

PROJECT 108, 7 (you, my friend, are more than enough)

PROJECT 108, 7 (you, my friend, are more than enough)

Speaking of roadblocks to creativity, a sense of unworthiness is another big one. Usually we can’t call it by name until the damage is done, but feeling less-than-enough is a sure fire way to halt all of your projects (in art, life, and love) before they ever have a chance to blossom.

Are you feeling a little jittery? Fearful? Defensive?

Yup…I’d say that’s a feeling less-than-enough problem almost every time.

One of the biggest challenges that we face in creative practice, and in life, is learning to have the courage to believe in ourselves. Rest assured that your worth is inherent. It is your birthright and there is nothing to be earned. Accolades are icing on the cake, but learning how to risk following your instincts and trust yourself with your innate creativity—that’s the whole darn cake. You can go ahead and eat it too.

Since I feel so strongly about this ‘more than enough’ business, I decided to put it into action. I’ve been writing little worthiness notes on filed wood bits and leaving them all around town. They are tucked in corners, hidden along paths, and nestled in the snow. My hope is that the words find their way into the hearts that need them.

You, my friend, are more than enough