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“An artist is an explorer,” – Henri Matisse.


Conscious creation allows us to make life art and at our highest levels. Sometimes what is needed is to explore materials in a way that is intuitively guided and allows us to create for the sake of personal expression and to share our ideas.

My undergraduate and graduate research focused on the physicality of communication and the inseparable relationship of the body and senses in language. Post-colonial and feminist theory underpin my creative work and offer a reclaiming of knowledge through personal, lived experience. The resulting creative works often incorporate found objects and depend on the use of space as installation works that engage the senses.

The practice of yoga and meditation have been profound vehicles for integrating the language of the body into my life. They have also been important tools for reclaiming a deep connection with myself that have allowed my work and life to be transformed. I advocate for the use of mindfulness as an important creative tool, and also the use of creativity as a profound skill in life.

Selected art exhibitions include: Travelling Book Exhibition (Taylor & Beatty Bindery at Etobicoke Ontario, Lunenberg and Wolfville Nova Scotia 2016, Erfrischungsraum at Lucerne,  Switzerland, 2015) Project 108, Gestures for Creative Community Building (ongoing/travelling), Art (f)air 2012, Art IG, Hannover Germany; The Artist Project Toronto, Exhibition Place (2011), dig where you stand, Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary (2009); Faculty Exhibition, Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary (2009); Unbound, The Canon Gallery of Art, Western Oregon U (2008); and Four Flights, Rodman Hall Arts Centre, St. Catharine’s (2007).