Life is the masterpiece we are making. It is the big canvas that we get to create every day.

If you’ve listened to your inner wisdom, your life probably looks different than you EVER imagined. Life has probably thrown you a few surprises, a few BIG lessons and curve balls that you didn’t see coming. Yet those lessons have shown you your grit, your strength and your gifts. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s those make or break moments that changed everything, that set you on a new path and that led you to exactly where you are. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. Now you’re ready. Now you know better. Now you want to share everything you’ve learned, every skill you’ve mastered, every gem of wisdom you’ve unearthed.

This is the story of the best creators, entrepreneurs and leaders I know, those who have been willing to walk the path less travelled so that they can lead others courageously into new territory.

The path of the leader, the creative, the changemaker is seldom easy. It is often met with resistance, with breaking new ground, and coming up against old paradigms as the new unfolds. However, anyone who has done something meaningful and creative has met these challenges. I found that having a guide has been essential to staying the course, learning to hold my vision, how to walk away when necessary, and how to hold my centre in the midst of change, uncertainty and transition. From these lessons have come all of the gifts that I most want to share.

I work with creatives, leaders and communities that are looking for creative clarity, strategic guidance, and a collaborative approach to realizing their vision.

I approach each project I undertake from a wholistic design perspective. In other words, I consider factors seen and unseen, work for transparency and collaboration, and believe that the outcome should both look and feel good. I help others see the ‘big picture’ amidst the chaos and stay committed to the vision they are creating.

Having worked with arts & culture organizations, municipalities and entrepreneurs for over ten years, I understand that our unique perspectives make us who we are, and that having a shared vision is critical to the health of an organization. Without clear vision, wheels will spin, ground will be lost and no traction can be made. The health of an organization depends on trust, transparency and connection.

I believe that each of us has a unique perspective that can uplift our world, that each of us can help make our communities shine brighter and that a clear vision can inspire others to take positive action. That’s the picture I want to help you paint.

My job is to help you discover the beauty of your vision, and find the resources to create it so that your brightness ripples out to your community and lights up the world.


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About My Credentials

Education: BA Honours English and Visual Arts MFA Visual Arts specializing in Mixed Media/Installation Art

Mindfulness: Kundalini, Yin, At-Risk Youth Training

Communications: Compassionate Inquiry

In the Works: Registered Interior Design & Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

Municipalities Assisted: Town of Banff, City of Camrose

Exhibitions: St. Catharines, Oregon, Calgary, Toronto, Germany, Nova Scotia, Iceland, Switzerland, Berlin and Japan.

Fun Facts

Years Self-Employed: 8

Most Fun Training: Bschool

Biggest Loves: my hubby, daughter and spaniels

Places I’ve Called Home: Niagara, Stockholm, Calgary,

London, Camrose

Biggest Project: Sacred Arts

Greatest Lesson: Less is More


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