PROJECT 108, 9 (29 269.35 days)

PROJECT 108, 9 (29 269.35 days)

Art IG, Germany, 59 packages of white printer paper (500 pages each for a total of 29 270 + pages), 2012.

Text above read: In the white space of a blank page lies the unlimited potential for creation. The average German life spans 29,269.35 days. What will you create?

This was a fun project to create with an artist friend of mine in Hannover, Germany. Anna was interested in collaborating on a show that she was curating and I had to be able to send her a concept that she could carryout for me from across the world.

Based on my interest in ‘create with intention’ and the idea that life is the BIG masterpiece that we get to create, I thought it would be interesting to look at each day of life as a stack of blank pages.

You could get caught up in what was written on the already used pages, but all that really matters is what you do with the blank page you have each day.

PROJECT 108, 8  (white flag: surrender plain and simple)

PROJECT 108, 8 (white flag: surrender plain and simple)

Raising the white flag is only defeat of the ego and it happens when we are too weary to swim against the current. We resist it often and for as long as possible. The brightest lights always follow the darkest moments. In surrender we see that we are powerful beyond measure when we release ourselves into the flow. Life is the greatest creative outlet imaginable. There is nothing else, no greater masterpiece.

This gesture is all about pause. In the creative process there are times where we must stop, reflect and surrender. Without this step of yielding to the flow of life we risk forcing things or trying too hard to control the outcome. Admitting mistakes and stepping back is nothing to feel ashamed of. Where can you raise the white flag in your life as a sign of surrender and releasing attachment? This moment happened for me on an beautiful Oregon coast.

My greatest lesson from this time is that we can create anything we can imagine, but just because we have the power to do so, does not mean that we should. We must be completely accountable for our desires and what we want to manifest and make. Creativity is often about patience and knowing when to act and when not to.